Abuse - phone violation:
If you are convinced, that someone is abusing phone, say it to all.
During 24 hours it is computed from one PCs to one address/number only one abuse report.
Operator takes no responsibility for your report, except time and number of reports no further information will be.
You can recognize such talks on your switch-board and switch on your switch-board operator.
Question, from switch-board can be shaped www.simidi.cz/abuse.php?pbx&tel:%2B123456789&time= -2592000,
or www.simidi.cz/abuse.php?pbx&tel:00123456789&time= -2592000.
Translated to the common language:
how many times over the past 30 days (2592000 seconds) were calls from number +123456789 marked as molestation.
Exit shaped for switch-board (will return only number, without HTML formatting).On basic bar, you'll find step by step:
our e-mail address, link to the dissension forum, local time of chosen contact (if it is know), call in of help window and option of displaying language mutation.
Time is shown in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Clicks on "GTM\Local time" can display strain on local time and back.

Options :
pbx text output fit for PBX, CURL, AJAX - generally for web services.
lang used language
  en - English
  cs - Čeština
back generates button back on previous page
if the value is set it presents number of seconds, till it automatically returns
timetime interval [end time][ -interval]
End time shaped for UNIX (in seconds from 1. January 1970 00:00 GMT) default = actual time
Interval - number seconds before final times, default = 30dni = 2592000s

e-mail: Electronic address (RFC 822)
tel: Phone (PSTN - E164)
SIP: SIP: Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261)
H323: H.323 International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
IAX: IAX and IAX2 is Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol
MGCP: Media Gateway Control Protocol
skype: Skype

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