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Subscriptions shows opinions of contributors and operator takes no responsibility further.
Subscriptions must concern only technical information involved in those pages.
Any other content, above all content reluctant to good morals, or laws is inadmissible.
Operator doesn't ensure verification of subscription but leaves right to interfere only on the basis his decision.

Subscriptions cannot contain HTML tags - nor links, if it is necessery, operator armed them him on your e-mail request, after his decision.
Subscriptions are sequenced to the tree.
Subscriptions subject at the top is showed in basic bar. When in comes to root tree, here is mentioned - - Forum - - .
To display the whole subssciption +
For hiding
To display whole branches subscription ++.
To changeover to previous subscription use <<
You can insert you response with clicks on    Re: (at the end of all report)

Report consists of:
Author - your identification
e-mail - e-mail address
language - field specifics subscrition's language (default = chosen language mutation)
subject - short and apposite title of subscription
You can Reset a subscription (cancel - if you decide not to send),
or Save
On basic bar, you'll find step by step:
our e-mail address, link to the dissension forum, local time of chosen contact (if it is know), call in of help window and option of displaying language mutation.
Options :
lang used language
  en - English
  cs - Čeština
back generates button back on previous page
if the value is set it presents number of seconds, till it automatically returns

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