Here you can help us with localization of your language.
From this page, your can download all existing texts in every accessible localization and sends your translation.
We also thank in advance for sending corrections and reminders.
localization process:
- download the text files in language, from witch do you want to translate.
Download can be achieved by pressing right button of mice on link of file in head and  selection "save as", or by opening a link and writing down the source text pages.
- For verification you can write out texts in selected (all) languages so, that you choose them in head.
Translated file please set send on address: inf@simidi.cz

On basic bar, you'll find step by step:
our e-mail address, link to the dissension forum, local time of chosen contact (if it is know), call in of help window and option of displaying language mutation.
Options :
lang used language
  en - English
  cs - Čeština
back generates button back on previous page
if the value is set it presents number of seconds, till it automatically returns
xx - language shorten (no necessarily ready localizations

2008-06-11 1:12 pm