e-mail to number
Your are inserting data on this server optionally an operator obliges to make them accessible only by this one application, except cases given by law his, eventually your country.
No messages unrelated with this service will sent and your e-mail address won't be provided, if so ourselves abeyance.
In case your data are not in accordance, you are obliged to delete them.
Data stay in database if:
- you not remove, or change them.
- since last change (editing) was not more than month ago, or are if they were confirmed by subscription of services.
Methods of payment are indicated here.
In case of that technical, or legislative problems operator is feeding right to stop service without previous notice.
Lock up is able to and individual insider, or commentary.
It's possible to lock off also individual group for entries.  During the shut down won't run a way not time from last updating , nor paid time.

On basic bar, you'll find step by step:
our e-mail address, link to the dissension forum, local time of chosen contact (if it is know), call in of help window and option of displaying language mutation.
Write e-mail address and let it be found out.
If there are data for address in database they will be displayed and you can edit them.
If no, you can save new data.
If you entered "Find", it will display only current data.
If you entered "Find all", it will display all and adjusted conditions.
At editing of group insider you can fill in:
- time zone as a difference from GMT/UTC in minutes.
- type of DTS. X - entails, that it's not used, USER - entails, that you unselected and that you must set the beginnig and the end yourselves. Other shortcuts mark most common funds that are automatically updated.
- at first column choose a protocol.
- in second appropriate address.
- column X makes it possible to block address, e.g. at disorder.
- column A is used towards setting request to find out instantaneous state of service (ICQ, skype). (at present server disable it).
- column R includes option only for first line of a group at same protocols. If it's not engaged, lines are pick ed in sequence, how they are engaged.
   If it is ticked, it is possible lines pick accidentally.
Next columns are created by adding conditions. Condition you must by named first.
Force of condition is intended by time interval.
Beginning and end could be chosen by either as a day of the week, or initial and final date.
Time can be ordered as start time of the first day and end of last day (selection from the), or as time of each of the day interval (every day).
Chosen entries are on demand "visible/away" locked inside, or outside selected interval.
If you don't understand anything, please write us: info@simidi.cz
Options :
pbx text output fit for PBX, CURL, AJAX - generally for web services.
lang used language
  en - English
  cs - Čeština
back generates button back on previous page
if the value is set it presents number of seconds, till it automatically returns
e-mail (e - mail,enamel,e - mail are synonyms) = e-mail address
alldump including conditions (and at present inaccessible contacts)
<protocol> requisite protocol - if there values mentioned behind = it means, that we are searching next (other) value for this protocol.

e-mail: Electronic address (RFC 822)
tel: Phone (PSTN - E164)
SIP: SIP: Session Initiation Protocol (RFC 3261)
H323: H.323 International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
IAX: IAX and IAX2 is Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol
MGCP: Media Gateway Control Protocol
skype: Skype

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