To book in advance is possible in any currency transferable to euro.
Charge is 1,- € per month for one group. If a group contains, in addition, extension, a piece of numbers order extension is charge double.
To switch-board with range lids 000- 999 it means 8 € monthly.  You can book the service in advance at maximum for one year term.
For calculation of a term which is taken as paid use the algorithm:
-   Amount will be portioned out by price of group (range lids included).
-   The whole part presents number of months.
-   Decimal part will by multiplied by number 365/12. Whole part of result will be use as number of days.
Begin is counted from the date when the payment is received, or from the date of consignment of payments (GMT).
Payment can be cared out directly to the account at this service .  Service can be used by users, who don't have an account here, as well.
At payment at bank account 1002063309/0400 (IBAN CZ1304000000001002063309) (SWIFT ZIBACZPP)  is necessary to use specific symbol 1002578202.
Always, it is necessary to use variable symbol (mentioned down on page open for editing appropriate group). Money are returned only when their pumping wasn't possible, or jar with herewith treaty.
Money will be returned on bank account of sender. If return requires service charges, will be subtracted in advance.
Operators feeding bush right to change treaty. Change will be in advance of mentioned minimally 6 months on web and reported by e-mail.

2008-06-11 1:12 pm