To tell the other that they can call you for free, won't anyone make for you.
More and more phone calls begin as calling to the Internet (VoIP), to finish at participant that also calls VoIP.  Am I not use lessely paying talk over public telephone network, when it not necessary need? Where find needed VoIP address?
Just hereto serves these pages.

There is of course ENUM. But it relay is only classical telephone numbers on other services and most of you is unable to rank them self.
VoIP addresses can be connected with your e - mail address.
You can create a group of equivalent addresses of your switch-board for all your extensions.
Values can be of course updated. Duration can be restricted.

From where will be the data taken? You set them yourselves and offer it the world.
Everything can be abused and after a spam wave in your post we slowly getting used on annoying signals . It's possible to help here too.  When someone will abuse you, the other know about it and in return your switch-board will be able to redirect such on a switchboard "vice" operator that will already know, if he should be switched to you..
Finding information can be done in a classical way, "by hand", or you can leave it to computer.  Best is, of course, when is that your switch-board (PBX), or if it at least cooperates with it.
You can add classical link to pages right into your web, as shown further on examples.
Option pbx that the on exit suppresses everything, except for requisite information, is suitable for order curl (Linux/Unix, switch-board Asterisk...).

Examples are for transmission of e-mail address to VoIP (m2n.php). Details can be found always in help.
Simple link:
<a href="m2n.php?">
<img src=""></a>
Link to page with return button for return to calling page:
<a href="m2n.php?">
<img src=""></a>
Link to page with automatic return after engaged time (in seconds - e.g. 3):
<a href="m2n.php?">
<img src=""></a>
CURL (Linux/PBX Asterisk)
Don't forget on specialized sense sign & in word of UNIX!
$ curl \ & \ &tel
Of course AJAX !
     Technology AJAX is not working in your browser!
<input type="text" name="parametr" maxlength=40 value="" onkeyup="javascript:ajax(this.value);">
<span id="vypis">???</span>

<script type="text/javascript">
function ajax(email){
  var xmlhttp=(window.XMLHttpRequest?
     new XMLHttpRequest:
     (window.ActiveXObject?new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"):false));
  if(!xmlhttp) { alert ("Cannot create an XML HTTP Request!");};'GET', 'm2n.php?pbx&email='+email+'&tel',false);

2008-06-17 2:13 pm